we will get a lot done, If we just stop worrying how much credit we deserve

In social causes and movements, I have come to realize that we can get so much done, if only we stop caring about how much credit we deserve for our efforts. I realize many of us feel vindicated and encouraged when others know what we are achieving, and when others credit us for our work. This is completely fine in a lot of matters in our daily lives. But if you are in a social cause or into social movements, where it is in your interest for many to own your idea, spending time of recognition, acknowledgement for yourself not only becomes a waste of time, it even might hurt your campaign.

In social movements, focusing your time on claiming your due credit gets in the way of much of the wonderful work you do. Therefore If you want your idea to float through to become a force to be reckoned with, stop claiming credit, stop caring about owning all this or that. Just focus on the task at hand, and let many others (and random people, even the sour ones) own the idea. Don’t worry. Social movements are all about action. The sour ones can’t own it for long (the work forces them to become change agents themselves).

In the end, if your ideas and actions will find a way to help others, your conscience will thank you even if no one else knows much about your contribution.(That’s if you can control your ego).

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