would a cafe for creatives or entrepreneurs work in kathmandu?

An idea roaming around:

would a cafe -lounge with  a chilled ambience / atmosphere which invites mostly entrepreneurs/musicians / artists /young passionate people, work as a viable business in Kathmandu ? would it have to be an inclusive place for exclusive type of people (the ones mentioned above ?)

am looking for a place that invities inspiration, passion and an escape away from the mundane and depressing atmosphere in Kathmandu now. Maybe I should open a cafe that does that. Will people come ?

will you come ?

8 thoughts on “would a cafe for creatives or entrepreneurs work in kathmandu?

  1. I think Mr. Mahabir pun has opened Nepal Connection in Mandala street in thamel for the same purpose. I am just writing this for people who do not know as many people already knows about it. It is called Nepal Connection and it has great food and drinks.

  2. ..I want to start a Mexican Food Business in Kathmandu…Most of the Nepalese like the spicy food, so this is my no. 2 project. Right now I am working on my no.1 project…I will post later on once i am through with my homeworks. nI am on the marketing research. nI need to know the following..(capital city based only)n1. no of male and femalen2. % of age groups like 0-10:x% 11-20:y%n3. % of people leaving independentlyn4. % of people working n5. % of people doing business..n6. …nI have much more data to collect on my project…nI will be glad if someone can guide me on who or where do i go for all these data…..nThanksnNabin Maharjannn

  3. lot of ppl need tht kind of place for idea sharing meeting, n no. of ppl will slowly increase…

  4. don't care about discounts bhai. if you are smart, you will figure out a way to come here. Its not always about having enough money to come to cafe . "be creative or help out" and this particular cafe will surely let you in 🙂 .

  5. Depends on your services. If you give us student discounts, we'll definitely come. Everyone wants student discounts these days, even 60 year-olds would show student identity cards in public transportation.

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