2013 – the year of leadership?

Here are some things I am planning to do in 2013 just so that you know what I am up to and what I am striving to do ….

I am going to build a base for a new political force that actually delivers its promise to its citizens We call this force, a force of ‘विवेकशील नेपाली’ translated loosely as “Nepalis with common-sense wisdom’. More on this here.

I intend to improve my leadership skills. The  way I will begin is “by doing more, talking less”.

I will build my stamina for persistence and patience.

I am going to help launch new businesses, some mine but mostly others. I intend to carry on fulfilling my pledge to help produce more and more entrepreneurs in Nepal until we reach a a tipping point.

I pledge to discipline myself more and live a more simpler, giving life than I have led so far…

I intend to start the process of finding/producing/uniting 100 Nepalis who will be visionary and help them become visionary leaders in the next 10 years.

I intend to travel more, and sit less on a computer…. Health is wealth !

I intend to learn how to become a skilled negotiator.

I seek to promise less, deliver more…

And here are all the list of core values I will keep in the next year… Click here for the full list of values here




4 thoughts on “2013 – the year of leadership?

  1. We should invest in energy, then we can help other industries and entrepreneurs. If we can’t invest, we should at least force this government to do so..

  2. I am interested in your values. As a recently graduated Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs in Australia and working in Kathmandu with the Gandharba Cultural Art Organisation, I have used my values to support and sustain me in my project. I will be returning to Nepal in February 2013 and would like to chat if you have the time. Currently working hard to attract sponsors for our 9th Annual Sarangi Day to be held on 15th February in Kathmandu and make more contacts within Nepal to gain a better understanding about working within your culture and to build a sustainable future.
    Have been reading your comments for more than a year now and would like to meet. Regards, Roslyn Amiss
    http://www.gandharba.org; http://www.facebook/GandharbaNepal

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