5 whys? Why can’t I reach my office in time.

This is an experiment to find solutions to problems we face in our daily lives.  It helps find root causes to a particular problem by asking why 5 times (or more). Here is an example below.
I cannot reach my office in time. (in Kathmandu, Nepal)
  1. Why? -Because The traffic jam is terrible. (the initial reason).
  2. Why? -Because The road I travel through, has too many vehicles plying at the same time.
  3. Why? -Because The road is clogged because everyone is trying to get out of the jam, and in the process creating the jam.
  4. Why? -Because There is no one respecting each other or the law. i am doing the same.
  5. Why? -Because We do not follow basic traffic rules. (fifth why, could be a root cause)

(Possible) Solutions: I shall start following traffic rules stringently.  I will educate /press my family /friends to strictly follow traffic rules. And I shall be patient while traveling to office. Maybe I will start earlier.

अरुले गु खायो भन्दैमा आफुले नि खानु भएन।
(Be the change you want to see around you.)

Where can you use this 5 why’s concept better? Add your experiments or thoughts below.

3 thoughts on “5 whys? Why can’t I reach my office in time.

  1. In the US, even though I live in a major city like San Francisco, I am able to manage getting to the office by 9 am at the latest, even after dropping 2 kids to 2 separate schools (which is actually considered a “comfortable schedule” – in the east coast and midwest, the norm is to get to office by 8 am). Wherease in Nepal, I really struggle to get to office by 10 am. nnThis, IMHO, is mainly because my early morning routine in Nepal is much more relaxed than US — there is ample time for breakfast (unlike US, where I’m more likely to shove a bagel down my throat just to make sure you catch the 8:30 bus in time to be downtown by 9 am)nnIn Kathmandu, being in a commute between 9:30 am to 10:30 am does not make sense. This reminds me of how in Silicon valley either you get to office before 8:30 am, or you show up after 10 am, but anything in between you are going to spend a lot more time in traffic (similarly, you either leave office before 4 pm, or after 6 pm, but not in between because that adds 30-60 min to your commute back home)nnSo – what’s the lesson? A few options:nn- Work “virtually” from home during the mornings. This is the 8 am to 10 am slot, and then drive to office after 10 am, planning to be there by 11 am at latest. Downside is, you miss interaction with the staff, and also the staff has a reason to tardy – as in “why should we bust our ass to be here at 10 am, when the boss dude doesn’t show up until 11 am”nn- Bite the bullet and start early. Get out of home by 8 am, so you can be at office by 8:30 or 9 am latest. Your family members may resent it, but it sets the right tone for the whole company. On the flip side, this may allow you to leave office early .. but I haven’t seen that happennn- Work virtually as much as you can – Opt for communication by email or phone or SMS whenever possible. Downside is that it cuts down personal human interaction with your staff and employees, but maybe not a bad tradeoff since it can save you an hour to two compared to meeting someone in person across town.

  2. Because of the confused traffic police standing at the middle of the road..

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