Follow the bright spots in Nepal

I believe, small forms of positive united acts like “Actively supporting a positive action”, helps bring people together from all corners of the world. In Nepal where we focus on negativity and complaining, one possible solution might be to follow the bright spots and acknowledge it.

Here is a video of Chief Justices of Nepal thanking Facebook activists from all over the world who supported Nepali Supreme Court’s bold actions against corruption in Government of Nepal.


It was a result of 4,668 Nepalis and friends rallying together to send a “simple thank you” letter encouraging the Supreme Court of Nepal to keep doing its noble job.

“Small acts focusing on bright spots help bring together citizens enabling change. Technology shrinks the effort needed in bringing random citizens together.”

For more context on what this group is about and how this small campaign worked, please find the background information here.

Maybe you can also start a group to thank some-one who is making a positive impact in Nepal’s bureaucracy, law enforcement, legal or even the political parties?

My suggestion is,
Lets follow the Bright spots and acknowledge them.

Let me ask you,
What are bright spots you want to rally around?

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