How to hack at the roots of evil that ends making many Nepali work in slave like condition in Arab countries?

“In Nepal, there are thousands of us hacking at the branches of evil to one who is hacking at the roots.”

One example of this is the recent case highlighted by many nepali newspapers in the past and the  Guardian newspaper report says: Nepali workers in Qatar are abused as slaves while building Football stadiums for the World Cup 2022. This has (rightly) angered all of us Nepali and beyond.

We have a choice to act here.

We can choose to keep hacking at the branches of evil by signing petitions, or writing  articles here and there, demanding Qatar Government, FIFA or Nepal Government stop exploiting Nepali citizens working there. We can curse the political parties or our older generation for this mess while  1500 1600  1700 youths leave daily to be third-class citizens in these countries.

This all is fine. I appreciate it. And we could do more, couldn’t we ?

Here are some ways we can choose to hack directly at the roots of this evil.

By helping build entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environment in #Nepal for ordinary Nepali to find dignified work here. When we can find dignified work here as a first class citizen, we simply won’t have to go to work as slaves in other countries.

If you are like me who chooses the second option, here are few ways you could start now.

  1. Become an entrepreneur – start a small business . Some tips for you here.
  2. Invest in a fresh entrepreneur. (one example here)
  3. Open an organization here in Nepal that provides thorough pre-departure orientation on would-be migrant workers on their rights, responsibilities when they work abroad and give list of networks that will help them stay healthy and positive while working.
  4. Invest in modern agriculture cooperative. Transfer these skills to locals. They already own lands they can use smartly to become self-employed. They just need your gentle nudge.
  5. Mentor one who is trying to become an entrepreneur if you are already one or network them with one (one example here)
  6. Take part in anti-bandh movement  in your town. to build a work friendly culture in Nepal. Freedom to Work is our basic right. [ If you want to join one I am involved in, find out more here ]
  7. Support politicians and political forces who have a track record on creating policies and campaigns that have produced dignified jobs here in Nepal. Check if they are “doers” and not “talkers”. If you come across “doers”  don’t just sit on the sidelines, push them up! This country needs a syndicate of good leaders in every sector.
  8. If you are a banker or financier or have a cooperative, provide healthy loans to semi-skilled workers who are working in arab countries to come back and start their own business back home.

I hope you are hacking at the roots of evil in #Nepal because many fellow nepalese lives are at stake!

Because, in the end,

“if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

Here is another article I wrote a few years ago, on some concrete ways you can help the “Arab”migrant workers of Nepal settle back and start creating dignified opportunities themselves in Nepal. Read it in English hereनेपालीमा यहाँ पढनु होला

One thought on “How to hack at the roots of evil that ends making many Nepali work in slave like condition in Arab countries?

  1. A lot of people are blaming Qatar and the Nepali government, and some have only anger toward these parties. While ensuring that those preparing Qatar for the World Cup are treated fairly is critical, we need to act according to the fact that what happened there isn’t an isolated case. It may have been extreme, but it is definitely not isolated. The abuse happens in the other countries the desperate, voiceless Nepalese go to for a chance to earn some money. I absolutely agree that Nepal needs its economy to thrive so that people don’t need to seek opportunities abroad, and that entrepreneurs play a role in helping the economy become stronger.

    In addition, I think Nepalese also need to discuss the complexities of the mass exodus for work and study opportunities abroad. There needs to rational discussions on the topic, discussions which allow us to reflect on what the government, individuals, and companies have done to create this abusive situation abroad. For instance, the manpower companies should have known how abusive the situation abroad could be. Is it alright for them to keep quiet about it so they can earn money? How can they become more responsible and what can we do to help them become so? Are lay people aware of the perils of working abroad? I wonder how many families that have considered sending someone abroad to work have read/listened to the news about Qatar, discussed it, and attempted to figure out what they would do to keep their future financially stable but safe. In a poor nation with millions desperate to create a better life for themselves, what can each of us do to prevent another Qatar-like situation from happening? There is a role each of us can play, whether we are a politician, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, a teacher, a business leader, an ngo worker, etc.

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