Vision for Nepal

I believe in this Nepal…

Vision for Nepal

Most of us who are reading this, I would like to remind that we are NOT the future of Nepal, we are the “present”. 55% of Nepalis are under 25. More than 80% of Nepalis are under 40.

I believe

  • that we can become a satisfied Nepali only when each of us becomes a prosperous Nepali.
  • in a servant government, lean & agile because that’s the one that truly delivers.
  • in that Nepal where Nepalis are practicing unity in action, not words.
  • in Nepali ‘Banne’, not ‘Nepali Bhanne’. ‘नेपाली भन्ने होईन, अब नेपाली बन्ने’
  • an open, evolving Nepal is a must to regain our honor back in the world.
  • Nepal becomes independent only when Nepalis remain free of fear (from each-other, society and the state).
  • in our home-grown common sense wisdom ‘विवेकशीलता‘ a simple set of home-grown Nepali visions to build a peaceful, prosperous Nepal (in our life-time).
  • Nepal doesn’t need to change. You (and I ) do !


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