Here is my wish for you

Here are my hopes and wishes for you in the next year (2011).

I hope in the coming year, you will steal more. Steal more time for yourself to reflect, pause and try to understand why you are here, and what makes you happy.

I hope in the coming year, you will break  some rules. Break the norms set by others, the society, the mobs or the lizard brain who tell what you should do and should not. Follow your inner conscience. May this be your moral compass.

I hope in the coming year, you will pick a few fights. Fight against “small”  injustices that you see around everyday (maybe on your way to work). Fight to enforce that nagging traffic rule violations perhaps (in your city).

I hope in the coming year, you will contemplate death regularly. To accept every day that you are eventually going to die,  makes you realize what your true priorities in life are. What would you do, if  you only had a week more?

I hope in the coming year, you will be garlanded with shoes or hit with tomatoes. Dare to do something disruptive, that scares the people who cling to status quo or to dogma. Let them humiliate you since they are scared that you are going to win. These are just desperate measures.  Know that when they seek to humiliate you like this, you are closest to winning.

I hope in the coming year, you will sell your house and your couch! Our dependence on our belongings in life has handicapped us. With this money, have the guts to go round the world with some one you care about. Take the year off. I hear, PhD’s on life may often be taught on such journeys. After all that’s the only PhD worth caring about.

I hope in the coming year, you will go hungry and become wealthy. Show your will by simply  get back in shape or resolve for a worthy cause by going on a hunger strikes. Your health is your wealth. Yet your community’s health is also your wealth.

I hop in the coming year, you will spend most of your savings. What for? For a new business or a venture, you finally decided to start. Help create jobs. Show the rest of the industry an innovative way to solve problems. Decide to help organize a movement that will break cartels, segregation or corruption.

I hope in the coming year, you splash all your (dirty-raw) thoughts into a blog or a diary for the world to see. Show the world your unique beauty with all your imperfections. Those who mind don’t matter, Those who matter, don’t mind.

I hope in the next year, you will decide to leave a big dent in the environment you live in. Isn’t your life worth leaving a footprint before you leave for ever? Ask yourself what sort of legacy are you leaving to your children. Change this environment before it scars you.

I hope in the coming year, you will die. Die the life you had led so far, following some one else’s way. And be re-born with the life you want to lead Your own way.

And I hope you will steal some of these thoughts and share it with others.


9 thoughts on “Here is my wish for you

  1. SIMPLY GREAT and DAMN PRAISE WORTHY Presentation. n–nHats off

  2. nice to know..but little confuse by the title…whom are u trying to refer by ur words “My hopes for you”…who is “you” here….

  3. thank you nthese are some super cool wishes you have for us which definitely portrays you have been through all of theseni will make sure i will fulfill your every hope towads mencheers

  4. I will steal more. I will break some rules. I will pick up a new fight. I will contemplate death regularly. I won’t stop whether I will be garlanded by shoes or hit by tomatoes. I will sell my house and my couch! I will go hungry and become hungry. I will spend most of my shavings. I will splash all my (dirty-raw) thoughts into a blog or a diary for the world to see. I will die to leave a big dent in the environment i live in. I will die the life I had led so far, following some one else’s way and re-born with the life I want to lead My OWN WAY! I will try.

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