A set of values or mantras for a new political platform to carry

I am now involved with ‘Bibeksheel Nepali’ or ‘Common Sense Nepali’ platform, a new political force we are building in Nepal . Here are our organizational VALUES which each member is expected to endorse, then rise above and beyond in implementing them in their daily lives.This is a draft. Do give in your opinion to make it better. So here it is:

Bibeksheel Nepali (Common Sense Nepali) Platform mantras:
(To drive the organizational culture and guide our thoughts and actions)

Our Mantra: Common Sense

  1. We are the Center of Excellence:
    1. We under-promise, and over-deliver.
    2. We are marathon runners, not 100 meter dashers.
    3. We hire the best. We train our members to become the best.
    4. We challenge the status quo.
    5. We carry out world class policies & best practises in context with Nepal
  2. We work with highest Integrity:
    1. We are transparent in our actions.
    2. We always do the right thing, no matter what damage it may cause to us in the short-term
    3. We are straight shooters and demand integrity in principle and practice.
    4. Well-being of citizens first, those who directly engage with citizens second, and management last.
    5. Our work will always unite, never divide.
  3. We are always responsible & accountable in our actions:
    1. Our actions will teach citizens to be responsible and leadership accountable.
    2. Each member is individually responsible for his/her actions.
    3. We will always move forward even if it means taking high risks
  4. We Listen & we Learn (always):
    1. We embrace good ideas from all sources.
    2. We embrace diversity in perspective, viewpoint, thinking and actions.
    3. We listen to people, even if they hold views diverging from our own.
    4. We value input (& push-back), but recognize the power of quick decisions over prolonged consensus-building.
    5. We are adaptive, flexible and respond to what we hear।
    6. We confront our mistakes sooner than later.
  5. We love our members!
    1. Everyone who works here is an owner.
    2. We help our members succeed in their entrepreneurial and social ventures.
    3. We will succeed together.
  6. Power eventually corrupts everyone. That is why we ensure change in leadership at regular intervals.

[Source: inspired from http://www.keepholdings.com/culture/]


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