Be simply good at what you do. Meet Chandra Maharzan

Meet Chandra from

Chandra at his best with his band Nissim !

I have had the pleasure to work with him closely for a lot of years and he is a classic example about doing things that you are great at and create a niche market for a small business entrepreneur.

Basically here is what he does.
Chandra makes beautiful website themes (designs) for WordPress powered websites. And his designs has become quite popular in the WordPress community. Here is his website. (
He makes enough to spend an obscene amount of time on his lifelong passions, music, guitars and  photography! So there you go. You don’t have to dream big, to live your life the way you want
A young nepali guy living in the heart of kathmandu, is thriving online, has home office and has enough time for his family and passions and speaking his mouth off in Facebook !

If we can have a critical mass of Nepalis like Chandra doing their own impressive endeavor creating their identities in niche markets, we will turn around Nepal in no time!  One way I am helping in creating this eco-system is through this group called “Entrepreneurs for Nepal“. If you want to be part of this eco-system, join it here in Facebook.

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  1. Yeap, Chandra is a pretty great designer.nnI use one of his theme on my blog.nn was really really surprised to see that it was made by Nepali.nnBtw.. he also works for seriously need ppl like him. Internet, Tech is one place where we can work without risking too much and still make a pretty decent amount of money.nn

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