Don’t want to see Nepalis dying of cold in winter?

(This article is based on a chiya pasal talk with Anil Chitrakar dai, who inspires many!)

Don’t want to see Nepalis in Terai dying of cold in winter again? 2 things.
First, lets agree that people don’t die because of cold. People die because they didn’t have enough to wear or eat. [Otherwise we would have no Sherpas living in the mountains, right? 🙂 ]

Second, how to get enough to eat and wear. Build 2 railway links 🙂

1) Build a railway link between Ayodhya in India and Janakpur in Nepal ( link birthplace of Ram’ with Sita)

2) Build a railway link between Lumbini in Nepal and Kushinagar in India (link Gautam Buddha’s birthplace with his death)?

Why? how?
1) Build Railway link between Janakpur in Nepal and Ayodhya in India
Connect popular Hindu god Ram’s Birthplace, Ayodhya with his wife Goddess Sita’s Birthplace, Janakpur and you have a perfect holy pilgrimage destination. People from the newly affluent India (and even Bihar now because of its double-digit growth) will visit and create opportunities for locals in Eastern Terai.

2)  Build Railway link between Lumbini in Nepal and Kushinagar in India
Connect Lord Buddha’s birthplace to the place he died. A billion Buddhists would go on a pilgrimage to experience this before they die.

To close: And as more travelers from India and abroad, travel to these two historic places in Nepal and create opportunities for hundreds of thousands, I doubt we will hear of poor Nepalis dying of cold (just because they didn’t have enough to wear or eat).

Nepal will not prosper just on the basis of grand philosophies and grand ideas but I rather on a simple entrepreneurial ideas and persistent actions that take advantage of our history, our strengths, our diversity and our simple wish to co-exist with our neighbors. Lets focus on creating prosperity, instead of debating and creating yet more and more philosophies of ideal rules or ideal existence. Will you ?

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