stability and people

Young people in Kathmandu are under the impression that “grass is greener on the other side”

here are a few tips :

1) Struggle, and make commitments early
2) Commit to career, forget the family for a few years ( really !)
3) Always ask one thing “am i going to lead or am i going to follow ? ”
4) You have a choice, work hard now, or live a mediocre life for a long time.
5) You learn the most at hard times and Kathmandu and Nepal are a mess now, i know. Live through the poison, you will only get stronger…believe that !

enjoy the philosophical edge 🙂

tough times, opportunity to dig ground, and shine away !

One thought on “stability and people

  1. Thanks for your suggestion for future entreprenurs , infact i was searching for biography of succesfull people by which i get some motivation .
    hope i got it .

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