We live in a Loot-tantra (Blunt truth)

Attention Nepal lovers,

We now live in a Nepal where our rulers openly practise Loot-tantra (Thugocracy) in the name of Lok Tantra (democracy). It is imperative we protect our newly born republic from the corruption that has even engulfed the best and brightest of Nepal. Only by realizing this reality that is creeping its evil roots onto every facet of our society, can we start to begin uprooting the roots of evil!

In essence,

  1. We live in a loot-tantra (लूटतन्त्र) where the most powerful anti-corruption chiefs & Justices of the supreme court and top leaders of constitutional bodies are themselves suspected of being the most corrupt. Evidences about these officials abusing power with such impunity that even parliament refuses to investigate them and the country’s most powerful intellectuals cower with fear. What good is any ‘great’ system when run with “bad” intent? What good is any constitution, when laws are distorted by the very who swore to protect them? 
  2. We live in a “baal”-tantra (बालतन्त्र) where much of the parliament are so full of apathy, that they shamelessly sit idle as millions who voted them to power, continue to languish in makeshift shelters because of the earthquake 18 months ago. These unprepared position holders along with bureaucrats use policy corruption to enrich themselves, protect their cronies, thereby creating a syndicate-cartel-mafia like monopolies that openly and “legally” dupe citizens. 
  3. We live in a upachar-tantra (उपचार-तन्त्र) where cure is too often preferred and prescribed than prevention! We only start acting when it’s too late, when small wounds have grown to become cancerous! “Prevention” is dull, shunned. Who wants prevention when cure is often more rewarding! In our aid addicted nation, those who “cure” are rewarded with fame and fortunes while those who seek to “prevent” are shunned like a pariah, rarely get to prove themselves and go on to quickly being actually labeled as the “crazy” ones! Talking about “upachar-tantra’ in its literal sense, our leaders spending millions treating them or their families from our tax money, making a mockery of ‘servant governance’ !
  4. We live in a Choos-tantra (चुस-तन्त्र) where Nepali society is acting like “parasites” by wholeheartedly encouraging the unhealthy culture of continuously sending the young members of every family abroad for years to continuously send “riches” back home with which the family, society, nation is sustained. I have seen many elders proudly shooing away the young adults from Nepal! “Nepal khattam cha kehi hunna, yaha nabash, bahira ja” In many towns, US DV lottery is most anticipated every year, and study work abroad “consultancies” the most popular and it is heard, that more Nepalese cry at embassy (visa rejections) than at Aryaghat!

  5. We live in a kayar-tantra (कायर-तन्त्र), where we continue to flaunt our “bir gorkhali” history yet have repeatedly proved ourselves as cowards or “kayar” for apathy when social evils are practiced day on day night. Our submissiveness is often mistaken for our “patience”. How can we be deemed courageous if we sit silent while those who repeatedly misuse our national dignity and coffers, when we don’t get to choose our local leaders for nearly 2 decades. Where is our courage?

  6. We live in a Maagne-tantra (माग्ने-तन्त्र)  where the aid industry funds much of our social service to work in such a way that our best and the brightest become more comfortable hacking at the ‘branches’ of evil than at the ‘roots’ of evil. In the tragic case for Nepal because of the best talents that the aid industry attracts, perhaps the bests are comfortable achieving underperformingunder-performing results, leaving the under-performers the opportunity to accomplish the best which is next to impossible!

  7. We live in a “chup”-tantra” (चूप-तन्त्र) where the old civil society is dying. Sadly no one ever thought of transitioning into a new one. So, the new ones are painfully slowly learning on their own to be vocal but weighed down by lack of mentorship from the ‘old’. Most intellectual elites are comfortable in their comfort zone wishing for and inspiring and arguing eloquently, at some donor funded conference halls. But these individually excellent people with impeccable resumes have little courage to try and become “collectively excellent” through collective actions!

  8. We live in an ullu-tantra (उल्लु-तन्त्र) where our rulers have fooled us into thinking of ourselves as beggar nation who cannot survive on its own merit. When our neighbors, India and China are racing to become two of the three richest countries in the world within a decade and half, most of us either don’t realize or don’t trust how quickly our fortunes will turn around if we just selected leaders who know how to prepare for such a windfall. What an “ullu” we have been made to think that we are “beggars with a poor destiny”!

  9. We live in a Jhoot-tantra (झुट-तन्त्र) where even after forming a new constitution to safeguard our newly born democratic republic, the ones who drafted it, are the very ones who violate its essence from day 1. Governments signs agreements after agreements with people like Doctor Govinda KC only to betray them the next day. What good are laws when justice is denied, equality not practiced and liberty comes without opportunity.

  10. We live in a “Aaru-nai”-tantra” (अरुनै-तन्त्र) where citizens specially the fortunate ones who continue to blame “somebody” for the problems, then demand “somebody” fix it. Who exactly is this “somebody”? We shout, “The current breed of politicians are the root causes! Somebody replace them” Yet, we don’t become the change we seek in Nepal. How can we select C grade politicians and expect A grade results?

Each of us Nepali is in the fight of her/his lifetime to save Lok tantra (democracy) from Loot-tantra that is corrupting our Nepal! Don’t you want to root out this system that only extracts from its citizens but doesn’t deliver much? Don’t you want to build a prosperous democracy before you die? Don’t you want to hack at the roots of evil that threatens our country’s existence?

If you say, Yes, then Join Politics! Build the leadership you want to see in Nepal. Our opinions alone, simply will not get rid of the evil of “loot-tantra” in Nepal! While the looters are working overtime to loot us, we don’t even seem to have even our “free-time” to stop the looting!them from looting us. This is pathetic and sad!

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Are you going to be tough enough?

This festival season, decide!

Decide before this loot tantra decides it all for you!
and if you let it pass, you won’t like what  loottantrait decides for you.