The seeds of terror in Boston could be sown in the streets of Kathmandu…

A letter to the 1st world:

The seeds of terror in #Boston could be sown in deep institutional injustices on a 3rd world mess like Nepal or Chechnya or Syria… If we want to stop it, we have start taking autocracies head-on now. If our 1st world friends want to end terror on their streets, get your governments to stop smiling at 3rd world autocracies.

If the 1st world nations are serious about terror not spreading to their cities, you should start taking the sides of young men and women fighting their rulers on the streets of Kathmandu, Aleppo or Kandahar to fight for their dignity against their own rulers.

I ask, what are the governments in these countries but a syndicate of thugs? In Nepal we now have a syndicate of autocracy. Yet I see our 1st world friends recognizing and working with them while you choose to remain silent about gross injustices done to its citizens in the hopes of avoiding violence. War (violence) is an inevitable outcome of un-attended injustices. I still see you perhaps honestly but ineffectively striking at the branches of evil, rather than the roots.

Every day our young bow down to extremist ideals because they feel betrayed by the rulers of Nepal who soak them dry, continuously poke at their dignity while leaving them with no light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand I see the brightest youths instead lured into brightly lit seminar halls where ‘talk’ is practiced instead of ‘action’, where ‘rewards’ are another trip abroad, rather than another ‘impacts’ on the country-side.

Be warned! If the silent youths are left to fend for themselves against our rulers, they will see this world together with your world, as their enemy, not their friend. Cynicism and bitterness once arises, is hard to cure. And they will do anything to weaken their enemies. “If I can’t have it, they can’t have it” attitude creeps in.

Know that along with our political rulers, you will be also be held accountable for your non-action. Remember this: for youths who have lost their dignity, violence is always a ‘just’ option. By helping the status-quo, you have sown the seeds of terror by alienating this young population from yourself.

You have a stark choice today, ” What am I going to water today ? a budding plant or an old tree that is already dead inside?”

If you have decided to water the budding plant, here are some ideas I believe in:

 We have to find and nurture those youths who are trying to bring others on to the middle path to unite this fragmented nation. They will be responsible for bring extremists from both sides towards them. Empower them in this task. Work long term with them (but rate their progress frequently).

Please repeat this in your head. In 3rd world countries, ‘Entrepreneurship is really the most effective social service’. Help our youths become entrepreneurial. Bring in your entrepreneurs to mentor our budding young entrepreneurs instead. Lets concentrate on generating prosperity now.

Identify and recognize progressive forces and movements that are pragmatists in nature, who solve problems without ideological bias, and who evolve over time, rather than those who get stuck in their box of ideologies.

Support those who take up ‘Issue-based-politics’, where they run for political office to rectify issues. Show hope to youths here that politicians can exist without making politics a career like how many in the 1st world countries have done successfully…

Do you have any ideas on how to bridge the gap ? Share it with us!

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