China and India: tourism possibilities.

just saw the beijing olympics start off in style.
Was excited but felt a certain lump in the throat because being its neighbour, We in Nepal are not emulating china’s success strategies and its confidence.

and I thought: if Chinese are progressing at this rate (above 10% growth for the past 10 years), they will soon have enough money to start traveling. And Nepal is the right place for chinese and indians.

and I thought, how about a chinese language travel portal geared for chinese travelers to enlighten them about Nepal. It wouldn’t hurt to start, would it ?

China – 1.4 billion
India 1.2 billion

Nepal can choose plenty of travelers if it wholeheartedly focused in these 2 mega groups.
I know i have to do something here.

side-note: am going to the labs and start making in chinese language (a priority now).

here starts my experiment in taping a potential market (big one) !

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