create wealth…stop finding out causes of poverty.


Wealth is a something created. It is by nature dynamic, something to strive for. Poverty is an idle state. It is the state that people naturally stay put in. Don’t over-analyse it. Don’t spend too much resources find yet another root causes of it. It is a state in which people normally stay in.

Instead of “launching programs to find where poverty is coming from”, we should concentrate on creating wealth (enlarge the pie).

Instead of the multi lateral agencies and INGO’s giving “millions of dollars” to poor countries like Nepal find out root causes of poverty, put in a fund to help banks to make it much easier to give loans to small entrepreneurs and small businesses trying to scale up. Help Jump start organizations and businesses that generate wealth (social + economic ).

Concentrate on giving people opportunities to generate wealth by doing what the innovative countries did. Help incubate business, and support those young entrepreneurs who produce and supply services to generate more wealth here in Nepal.

(more wealth leads to more jobs with dignity + more opportunities to lead a dignified life).

So Lets teach each other how to create wealth. (And shun programs that calls for poverty alleviation or poverty research).

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