No representation without our constitution ! Goodbye!

No representation without my constitution

An open letter to 601 and your masters who failed Nepal from 28,000,000 Nepali like you and me.”

“You the 601 and the ones who you follow,
From this day, none of you, I repeat none of you, will have my representation, either in this election or ever again.

I am an alert, honest Nepali. Nepal is my country, therefore is my responsibility.  I know what is right and what is wrong.  And you all are so wrong!

You robbed 91,000,000,000, yes 91 billion rupees from nearly 30 million of us, (that is Rs 3,000 from each of us) by taking 4 years to finish a job you promised to complete in 2. In the end you gave us nothing except anguish, anger, hate, disunity and hopelessness ! Are you not ashamed at giving us such a return on our investment !

We sent you to finish making the constitution , not to turn 3 million Nepali sisters and brothers on each other. You have abused us in the name of representation. You have looted from us in the name of constitution. You have raped our trust and looted our dignity. What now remains for us ?

Answer me this. Why should we rehire you when you have proved utterly incompetent to handle? Why should we not ban you from this job forever? Yes.. that’s it. We will ban you from our conscience.

I hereby declare that you do not represent me anymore. I will do what I can, to make sure I don’t need your help anymore. I am not going to bend down to you anymore.
Until you mend your ways, I will not vote for you.

Nepali citizens are waking up as each day passes by. The critical mass of awake Nepali inch closer, uniting against your incompetence, abuse of authority, impunity and gross failures. Should you insist on ruling over us, we will gladly march to prison or the street, because under an unjust rule, the true place for a just Nepali is inside a jail or on the streets.

To see the change in Nepal, I am becoming that change. Today, I am taking that small step! From today, you have none of my representation. Enough is enough!

You are fired! Goodbye! 
Me, a Nepali citizen.

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