To tax or not to tax your employees

A tough dilemma. To tax or not to tax

I am of the philosophy that in Nepal, an employer should rather give workers more money in her hands than to a government who (i believe) takes that money and doesn’t do much with it.

I feel that a government in Nepal that taxes little, would help creators create more and better which in turn helps their employees earn more to spend more helping build a prosperous nation.

Wouldn’t it rather make sense to give all the money to the hard-working employees and have them decide how or if to pay their taxes than to cut their pay checks to pay the government.

My understanding is more money in pockets, translates to more expenditure directly. And that flow of money stimulates the economy, especially in Nepal, where people just save, save and save and don’t do much with it OR give it to the government for taxes.

And I don’t like the Nepali tax office because it makes you wait and suffer and to plead to give your money to them. Their rudeness mocks standards of decency.
Name a business you go to, where you have to wait and wait to give money to them and “almost gain nothing in return”. That business happens to have a name. It’s the current government of Nepal tax department.

What do you think ? Should a business cut taxes of its employees and give it to the government or should it give all the money without taxes to the employee and let them decide?

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