When you forcefully close a city: you lose, I lose, we all lose

So you force-close a city (Kathmandu) for a day:

  • you put brakes on 5 million people’s mind for a day
  • you make 5 million idle minds become a devil’s playground
  • you force a million youths to lose their morale and purpose (one level down at  a time).
  • you strangle any entrepreneur’s budding desires to start something here.
  • you make me question your moral superiority and …doubt mine (for bowing to you)
  • you make me not want to do anything for anyone.
  • you make us all dumber
  • you force 5 million people to be poorer.
  • you make it easier for us to leave this place and leave you all alone to rule the desert.

what a Lose- Lose situation.

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