10 good places inside Kathmandu to talk ideas over lunch ….

Here are some good places I  have taken people for business talks or other ideas that needs to be shared. Maybe  you have bumped into one of these places yourself.

On top of the stairs of the tallest temple opposite the Kathmandu Durbar Square (Also called Hanuman Dhoka) in the center of Kathmandu, near New Road is a great place to talk, take a packed lunch or just a thermos of tea /coffee with 2 cups and go sit on there. A great place to view the world below while talking about how to tackle that business problem! Here is the photo link of the place…

Imago de cafe and gallery in the immediate east of  the former Royal Palace walls. (few houses away from the Visa application office for the UK) great ambience, very silent and cozy. Good light food and plenty of green around. Plus a bit of a relief from the usual trendy crowded durbarmarg and Thamel area.

OR2K (means light 2 Kathmandu in hebrew). An israeli vegetarian place in the heart of Thamel, opposite Pupernickel bakery and “the Factory” lounge, This place  is usually crowded but early evenings or lunch times are a great place to sit down on the mats and talk business. A great place to bounce of ideas while having delicious Middle Eastern food. Try the simple mushroom humus with a mint lemonade ! has free wi fi too.

Dhokai maa Cafe ( a distinct place with a courtyard of its own) in Patan Dhoka ( lalitpur), It is across the Bagmati River in Lalitpur near the southern gates to the ancient city of lalitpur. Good charming place to talk! Here is a link for further info of the place.

Kaiser cafe inside the Garden of Dreams, right on the mouth of Thamel. A great place to be in the midst of gardens, ponds and a visual feast. And not many crowd to disturb you with ! Here is a link to the place.

The Zoo. Yes, the  zoo located in Jawalakhel in Lalitpur, is another place I use to walk around and talk over while watching playful children enjoying the exotic animals in the central zoo of Kathmandu. A bit refreshing  from the usual sit, eat and talk.

Walters in Babar Mahal revisited is another place like the Garden of Dreams but a place with exotic shops inside the compound and right next to Singha Durbar, the center of Government of Nepal. You can sip tea or coffee or drinks in this old but renovated French architecture courtyard.

Kaldi Cafe in Thamel: A wi-fi enabled place with great coffee and nice environment to complement the ever busy atmosphere in the middle of Thamel. I like the scene where everyone is here with their laptops communicating, a good place to observe travelers from all around the world. I have asked a few strangers here for feedback on my travel portal.

Sherpa Mall at Durbarmarg. There is a restaurant, Cafereena I frequent regularly. A great place to brainstorm ideas and is preferred by busy working people who also can’t live without Momos (Dumplings). It is a bar/open -sky restaurant. I invite a lot of my friends specially activists working on our similar cause to talk over matters with momos and green tea!
p.s there are 2 Cafes serving Nepali organic coffee in this complex. The one on the first floor, Magic beans has better views but is a smoke filled place packed with smokers. The one on the street is open sky but very limited seating place.

Shangrila Hotel in Lazimpat: There is a nice garden restaurant inside the hotel, where you can catch up with a business associate or brainstorm crazy ideas or catch up with a friend. Just go inside the hotel and ask for directions.

Add your own list of favorite place to talk ideas in Kathmandu below!

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