30 predictions for Nepal by 2030

नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोला

I often get asked what will happen to Nepal in the future ? What’s in the future of Nepal? I typically answer, “How the hell should I know?” or smile back “Good’ or plain ‘Okay”. But there are certain gut feelings I have about what Nepal would end up in the not so far future.

So here are my 30 predictions on the state of Nepal at 2030 (roughly 20  15 years from now).

  1.  All the politicians you hate /despise /curse (click here for a small list) WILL be replaced by one of you passionate ones who have NOT yet joined any political parties or started any.
  2. The top 10 businesses in Nepal will be the ones that haven’t even started yet!
  3. More people will leave Kathmandu than enter it.
  4. Majority of visitors to Nepal will be for religious reasons.
  5. Nepal’s biggest export will be water. International stock markets will trade Nepal’s Water in some form on  (Just like Oil is now)
  6. Nepal Police will only fire less than 850 bullets in the entire year.
  7. 1 out of 4 Nepalis will hold dual citizenship.
  8. Nepal will host Cricket’s ICC World Cup. Will they win? I hope so.
  9. Land prices will be higher in the hills than in the plains or the valleys.
  10. No visa required to travel between Nepal, India and China. (Think Europe today)
  11. Nepal, India, China and possibly couple other neighbors will share a single currency. Buddha will be on one of these notes.
  12. Inter-national marriages will be common. “Within your caste ” marriages will be rare. And Nepalis will marry more Chinese than Westerners.
  13. Watching Soap Opera Serials as a favorite past-time will be long replaced by socializing on massive multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG). No one will “watch” television anymore.
  14. A Trans-gender will be among the top decision makers for Nepal’s society and culture.
  15. A warrior code called “वीर चक्र” based on a set of life rules focused on integrity, chivalry, responsibility and derived from Buddhism & Hinduism will be how a powerful minority of Nepalis and foreigners world-wide live by.
  16. Poets, Bloggers and Artists will be headline makers.
  17. Every Nepali will be online 24 hours a day through a smart device(in the form of eye lens) that is 100 times more powerful than the iPhone. It never runs out of battery.
  18. Mass media like Kantipur, Nagarik, Himal and Himalayan Times will have been long replaced by customized news delivered to your device aggregated from people you respect and subscribe to.
  19. Nepal will have an adult interactive video industry.
  20. Nepali citizenship will also be gotten based on “deserving” basis not just by being born here.
  21. Nepal will  beg for less aid and send more aid by primarily donating “water”.
  22. Nepal will be known more for 1000’s of its beautiful man-made lakes (water reservoirs) than for its big mountains.
  23. Issues like Women’s rights will no longer be an issue in Nepal. The struggle would be on the right to be offline or rights of other living organisms.
  24. A small vocal group of xenophobic nationalists who call themselves pure-bred, will arise targeting ‘non-pure’ Nepalis in Nepal.
  25. History will write Nepal’s decade of 2003-2012 as ‘the lost decade’,  decade of 2013-2022 as “the leap-frogging decade” and decade of 2023-2032 as “the enlightened decade.”
  26. The rich will get richer, the poor will get also get richer at a faster scale. But the gap between them will remain significant.
  27. Nepal government will enforce timed occasional “Bandh” to improve a Nepali’s ‘family’ life which has suffered because of workaholic culture.
  28. Most Nepali homes will run primarily on solar energy.
  29. Nepal will have a net population loss. (fewer people born than dead)
  30. In 2030, Nepalis will proclaim me as the “new Nostradamus” but of course I will refuse any such comparisons and sue you all for defaming me 😛

So which ones are your favorite?
How about you add your own predictions for Nepal by 2030 below! (lets see what you got.  It’s time to think outrageous !!! )


60 thoughts on “30 predictions for Nepal by 2030

  1. Hatsoff to Ujwal Thapa dai….dai lets make our dreams into reality…..#2 (y)

  2. 27 made me fall off my dinosaur! haha 😀

  3. Nepal will no longer exist in the Map from 2013. Nepal will have five small countries Tharuwan, Madesh, Chettriwan, Limbu-Khumbuwan and remaining Central Territory. And we’ll always fight with each other just like before Prithvi Narayan Shah. Gambling and Sickening Shady Tourism will we the only business here. Our export will be private mercenaries.. and, don’t get me wrong, we’ll still be very happy. We smile the best when we are poor, we only argue and fight when we’re rich.

  4. Ha ha… Dream on brother? You forgot… nepal willbe disintegrated into pieces and prostitution will be the mainstay.. The hub of “bhai-dom” will shift from dubai to kathmandu( if it hasnt already! Mob will rule, police will be a thing of the past. Nepal will be run by an indian governer general. Nepal will continue to struggle to establish its constitution. The population of nepal will be 90 million,with a pop density highest in the world…

  5. All so called communists in Nepal ought to think as stated in number 26….rather than acting as::”The rich will get poor and the poor will … well vanish!!”

  6. How Nepali will be marrying more Chinese compare to Westerner(Prediction Number 12) ? Comparing Nepalese diaspora in China and Western countries, this prediction doesn’t seems to be happening 🙂

  7. Please dont tell me that Nepal is second rich country in terms of water resources… Nepal will be donating water seems to be vague….

  8. Yes, let’s add that please. No reason why with all that highly trained workforce, we can’t have this!

  9. Love it….love it. Has a kick of reality with what seems surreal, but has idled in the back of my mind(water traded, Buddha on the currency, bir chakra code). You defiantly have what we need on the list, including a governing body aligned with an intelligent mass of customers. I hope the religion part translates to people Spirituality. I can see that…nepal is a spiritual place that hopefully brings solace to all who come to visit. I hope the flag stays.

  10. #23: Issues like Women’s rights will no longer be an issue in Nepal… BECAUSE there will be women in key leadership and decision-making positions working with men to make Nepal into the country it has the potential to be!

    Thanks Ujwal for focusing on the long-term trajectory of Nepal when all the leaders in this country are too short-sighted to do so.

  11. “that is why India’s playing a great game along with corrupt Neta by breaking Nepal into Parts”

    If anything, India does not support “breaking” Nepal into parts. In fact India is very much against this. If India was even neutral to this, we’d have new constitution today.

  12. Too much optimism bias, please do reality audit.
    These are the things politicians use to propose / predict, assure and even sometime postdicted, REMEMBER?
    You might also like – God will help us, There will be happy ending, Everything will be fine – these are words for feeble. BTW, i’m joking too because you started first.

  13. Why will Nepalese marry more Chinese? Nepalese will marry more Indians. 🙂

  14. “No visa required to travel between Nepal, India and China. ”
    Will never happen , India and China can never come to an agreement, Nepal has always been a physical buffer zone and will remain a buffer zone between these two struggling powers. An attempt take take over Nepal Completely would have been made if Nepal wasnt sandwiched between these two powers, that is why India’s playing a great game along with corrupt Neta by breaking Nepal into Parts and eventually take up all of Terai and areas close by.

    Some of these Predictions are far stretched such as , such drastic changes are not too good either. But good thought !

  15. In Nepal, partying, studying, living, working will merge seamlessly. We can have partying trip to the food-forests and pick up nuts, fruits++++

  16. I like all of the points except 22. Mountains reforested with lots of fruits, nuts, vegetable trees and others–will work as real water towers–and therefore will be the basis for recharging the lakes. Great visionary positions. I am in.

  17. owsome… cant say anything… jus wana see peace first….but no.7,10 & 12 i like n it should be..!! thanx .. wish will same like it,,

  18. All is good if no 25 works out !!! —- (I.E History will write Nepal’s decade of 2002-2012 as ‘the lost decade’, decade of 2012-2022 as “the leap-frogging decade” and decade of 2022-2032 as “the enlightened decade.”)

  19. i liked all ! .. simply awesome….wow visions !

  20. Thank you for visualizing it. This is a good habit. I should try it myself. Thanks for that tip 🙂 

  21. I was already making a picture in my mind as i read all the 30 predictions…and i was like wow!! and my heart filled with enthusiasm!! Thanks Mr.Ujwal ,we rarely get to read such stuffs these days !! 

  22. it’s a dreams theater production … you’re a khati (nostril sound) Nepali. jai hosh !

  23. Good additions  ! These are all strong possibilities ! Thank you.
    I liked the “Nepalese Comfort” as a buzzword.. it could catch on ! 🙂
    as for your point about Students around the world coming for advanced studies, I think they actually might come here to party ! Pokhara could be party-capital ?? 🙂

  24. Thank you Shiwani. Life is a marathon. We might be out of breath right now, but we will again start running as a nation 🙂

  25. very optimistic, i have to say..nevertheless, felt really good reading it and visualizing. 

  26.  I like your positive way of thinking. I am with you in no. 1 and 2. For no. 1, you can count on me 🙂 For no. 5, I would like to add “electricity”.  I don’t agree with you regarding no. 27 but 30 (except the suing part) 😉

    I would like to add no. 31. The literacy rate in Nepal will be 90 per cent for men and 80 per cent for women.

    I see your points not as being optimistic but quite realistic. 20 years back, we did not have the knowledge we have right now.

    I say:
    start small, think BIG! in the difficulties lie opportunities!

  27. Awesome!

    I will go with  #25. It sums up all the prophecies, hopes, and aspirations.

    The points you have missed in my view are:

    # Nepal will be the top venue for international conferences.
    # Many of the top corporate businesses will move their headquarters in Nepal. 
    # Students around the world would come to Nepal for advanced studies. 
    # The total of the visiting tourists per annum will surpass the total of Nepalese population. 
    # Multi-lane highways and bullet trains will provide trading facilities between India and China, and highway tariff will be a substantial source of income.
    # Community forests and botanical gardens will be the Nepalese model environmental preservation, but some environmentalist will raise concerns about too much of human encroachment in the natural habitats and pressure of development on the fragile mountains.
    # Like “American Dream”,  “Nepalese Comfort” will be a popular buzz word of the time.

    P.S. In a hotel in the Bay Area, California, this evening, I met a person–American by nationality, Fijian by birth, and Indian ethnicity. I asked if he had ever been to India. He said yes but he had also been to Nepal about a decade ago, and it is one of the places you should see in your lifetime. I said I was from Nepal. He had a lot of compliments to offer. He said he remembers the beauty of the nature and the warmth of the people. Next place he said he would love to visit again is Singapore. We talked about the Fiji water Fiji sells around the world. Yes, Nepal too can use water as a major export commodity.

  28. Great post…..after all, its hope that keeps us moving….

  29. 31. Nepalese people will enjoy free electricity; As country will have huge surplus to provide Nepalese with those subsidy by exporting electricity to South Asia.
    32. Free Health & Education, Old age caring homes by 2020.

  30. Ujjwal dai, thank you for your excellent article! I read the list to my whole family, and they really enjoyed it as well. We hope your optimism serves the country well. I think optimism/ hope is the first and foremost factor needed for development. 

  31. will make it happen ……………. all of them

  32. I pray no 5,6,10,11 and 25 will be turn out to be true ASAP 🙂 (28 yr r too long – i will get old.. lol). Besides, I expect no more knowledge dominance n hegemony , Nepalese will learn from their own experiences and have their own theory to follow and others will look up to us!!

  33. Thank you Pramod. I would love to hear your prediction also ! United we can share and live our dreams  ! 🙂

  34. Great Post. I loved all of them. Especially the last one. I am your fan, sir.

  35. Obviously, it is good to be optimistic, but what about those predictions for the present USA, will they even cope with Nepal in 2030? Hope Nepal will be a better land

  36. I nearly cried….. and this is some best thing that i read in my life…..heil you

  37. no. 27 for me…. nice blog!..we need to be optimistic 🙂

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