lessons learned on an impeccable set of plans for startup companies.

I was reading through this and found it insightful.

these advice  sounds good on paper but are actually startup killers (or any business killers)…


How to achieve failure with an impeccable plan like this.

If you feel this is a good plan, think again and read the article. you are in for a surprise:

  • Start a company with a compelling long-term vision. Don’t get distracted by trying to flip it. Instead, try and build a company that will matter on the scale of the next century. Aim to become the “next AOL or Microsoft” not a niche player.
  • Raise sufficient capital to have an extended runway from experienced smart money investors with deep pockets who are prepared to make follow-on investments.
  • Hire the absolute best and the brightest, true experts in their fields, who in turn can hire the smartest people possible to staff their departments. Insist on the incredibly high-IQ employees and hold them to incredibly high standards.
  • Bring in an expert CEO with outstanding business credentials and startup experience to focus on relentless execution.
  • Build a truly mainstream product. Focus on quality. Ship it when it’s done, not a moment before. Insist on high levels of usability, UI design, and polish. Conduct constant focus groups and usability tests.
  • Build a world-class technology platform, with patent-pending algorithms and the ability to scale to millions of simultaneous users.
  • Launch with a PR blitz, including mentions in major mainstream publications. Build the product in stealth mode to build buzz for the eventual launch.

How to achieve failure with an impeccable plan like this.

don’t feel inspired to write much these days. dark gloom winter around.

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