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“All this learning means nothing until you make something happen.” tips from a entrepreneur.

A small but powerful piece about “confidence” from a startup entrepreneur.

He argues, “All this learning means nothing until you make something happen,” further adding,
“I was an over-confident punk, thinking I had the answer, and everyone else didn’t. But it worked. And in fact, isn’t that kind of confidence absolutely required to get anything done? Isn’t the role of the entrepreneur to be the bold, daring, audacious one? The over-confident reckless one who says, “Screw it. Let’s do it!”?
Yes! Of course! It’s the essential final lesson: that all this learning means nothing until you make something happen.

What are you going to do about it?

Here is the Link to the original article /blog. Enjoy.

Under promise – over deliver

Its an old concept but frankly it’s a winner:

  • Under promise and over deliver !

This make your customers go crazy about your brand and they will recommend to others.
Word of mouth will bring new customers and better days.

this should serve as an welcome counter to companies like NTC (Nepal Telecom)  who over promise and under deliver. Be warned ! such behaviour creates backlash when competitors will rise and “under promise” and over deliver ! NCell is rising at the cost of NTC.

Do you know any organizations or businesses or small shops here in Nepal who Under promise and over deliver? Please let our readers know by writing below.