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Nepal’s Democracy needs a new Aristocracy

A thought.
Maybe Nepal’s Democracy needs a new Aristocracy.  i.e A cohesive network of wise men and women of knowledge, vision, reach and communicative skills to steer it from fragmentation and loss of national identity.  Why? in order to protect Nepal from becoming a lawless mob rule, a populist propaganda driven rule, a caste based rule, a tribe based rule and an anarchy rule.
I believe in countries like the United Kingdom the democracy there was evolved by the active support of its aristocracy slowly building democratic ideals and liberty. Maybe Singapore’s first prime minister (and the one credited for making it from the 3rd world to 1st world country)  Lee_Kuan_Yew got it right by assembling a team dedicated to “gaas, baas, kapaas” (गाँस, बास, कपास).
The way I see Nepal being driven now, maybe an aristocracy of a progressive few can protect it ? A patriotic and meritocratic elite group that could come together to build this aristocracy ?