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wanted to share an article ” how to build startups that matter”

Eric Ries talks about how to build companies that matter.

(1) Work on something that matters to you more than money,

(2) Create more value than you capture, and

(3) Take the long view.

Its a good context in the current world wide recession in the world partly caused by “too much greed” and applies to Nepal which has just come out of a civil war ( and is in economic mess.)

Here is the full link. enjoy!


entrepreneur is a zen master in nepal ?

if you are an entrepreneur in Nepal right now, then you are also a zen master too. Yes a monk ! because amidst great upheavals you have to keep your mind in focus, calm and empty of distracting thoughts. The trials and tabulations here is hostile to even seasoned entrepreneurs.

The only entrepreneurs who will come out of the present situation in nepal un-scarred are ones with monk like traits, who can stay eternally positive, be at dead present, yet drive passionately on and on, enough to ensure there is no lax in the speed of his/her entrepreneurial effort.
Keep going bunny.. keep going…

you have what it takes to be “a Zen master entrepreneur” ?