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wanted to share an article ” how to build startups that matter”

Eric Ries talks about how to build companies that matter.

(1) Work on something that matters to you more than money,

(2) Create more value than you capture, and

(3) Take the long view.

Its a good context in the current world wide recession in the world partly caused by “too much greed” and applies to Nepal which has just come out of a civil war ( and is in economic mess.)

Here is the full link. enjoy!


hunting for office space in kathmandu

Hunting for office space is tricky but here are universal issues to think of while choosing an office space in Kathmandu.

a) Ask how the water supply is in and if they have a underground water pumping equipment or not. ask neighbours how the water supply is in the area.

b) Again, be aware a lot of good areas in kathmandu are now plagued with traffic jams and noise pollutions. Posh place might not be the best place any longer. (specially for a lot of IT companies who need a quiet, conducive atmosphere to work).

c) Make sure, you ask why the previous tenant left. Usually reveals a lot about the house owner from the past experiences. Less hassles if the house owner is considerate.

d) Think about the “perception” of the central location of your office. Perception counts. Some places take a long time to travel for clients/employees but because the perception is that place is in a central place, people don’t feel tensed up to travel. Hence choose a place that is “percieved” to be in acceptable location, however far it may be from the actual centre of Kathmandu.

e) make sure the place is

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Better business writing, from George Orwell, with a little bit of help from me.

Some simple guidelines to help write english essays /blogs better.
I had to write this up quoting George Orwell’s guidelines which i just read.
I have given examples to help you out. Please print it out, if it helps.

Himalayan times, English Daily in Nepal is is often hilarious to read because of the way their editors write their english. It needs some serious rescuing!
this is the one of their headlines “Defence still a bone of contention.” or “snow flurry greets northern parts’ or “Uncommon grace”.

Here are simple rules on the way to writing better english.

i. Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

bad: I “stood shoulder to shoulder with” with tenzing.

better: I stood ‘with” tenzing.

bad: I would like to take the pleasure in announcing our refreshing redesign of Exoticbuddha and humbly look forward to your grateful feedback.

better: Check out the ‘refreshing” redesign of exoticbuddha. Send us your feedbacks!

bad: I would appreciate it if you could understand our concerns and pay us in due

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