hunting for office space in kathmandu

Hunting for office space is tricky but here are universal issues to think of while choosing an office space in Kathmandu.

a) Ask how the water supply is in and if they have a underground water pumping equipment or not. ask neighbours how the water supply is in the area.

b) Again, be aware a lot of good areas in kathmandu are now plagued with traffic jams and noise pollutions. Posh place might not be the best place any longer. (specially for a lot of IT companies who need a quiet, conducive atmosphere to work).

c) Make sure, you ask why the previous tenant left. Usually reveals a lot about the house owner from the past experiences. Less hassles if the house owner is considerate.

d) Think about the “perception” of the central location of your office. Perception counts. Some places take a long time to travel for clients/employees but because the perception is that place is in a central place, people don’t feel tensed up to travel. Hence choose a place that is “percieved” to be in acceptable location, however far it may be from the actual centre of Kathmandu.

e) make sure the place is close to different “Micro bus” stops which are the lifeblood of a lot of your employees who come from all corners of kathmandu. This is the closest kathmandites will get to a metro train system 🙂

f) Make sure you talk about house tax details with owner before hand. Most owners don’t want to pay any house taxes to the government.

bring on your suggestions on office hunting experiences …


2 thoughts on “hunting for office space in kathmandu

  1. I completely agree with the points. Right now Ratoghar Foundation in ravibhawan also providing fully furnished office space with individual offices, cubicals, reception, conference room, 24 hour internet and water supply in a very quite neighborhood. This place is in between Lincoln school and Korean Embassy and perfect for NGOs, IT companies or any company who requires a good office with all facilities in a quite neighborhood. Contact in this email if interested :

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