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Can you become an “Insurgent Politician?” by Ravi Kumar

This is a guest post by Ravi Kumar. Can you become an “Insurgent Politician?”

Would you suggest a child, a youth or a budding professional to become a politician when we can’t seem to elect the next prime minister for the umpteenth time? Have you asked your daughter/son or a relative to serve the nation? Most likely, we never suggest anyone to become a politician or become a public servant. Our society doesn’t have a culture of training a politician. It is considered a “dirty game”. We believe that you can only become a politician if you are evil. Well, since evil people do no good for the society, you do know that,

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

We the good citizens of our poor nation, should consider serving our nation. The reality of Nepal leaves us with no other choice. As most of the citizens grow desperate, the current political leaders fails for the eighteenth time to elect the prime minister. And yet, these prodigal politicians sing the song of “consensus” and are doing their best to live a luxurious

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