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Death of a salesman !

A business runs on promises (faith)… more than anything.

So when a government promises stability.. yet does little to stop its support for strikes, stoppage, extortion, violence against entrepreneurs…. business will stop running… and us, entrepreneurs start going on strikes…

Nepal may soon be on its way to being a nation without sound business run by sound entrepreneurs & replaced by un-sound business and crooked business cronies.

A caution to Nepal government: don’t promise and break them (especially to entrepreneurs) …. Entrepreneurs are the smartest lot of the group. We are like elephants. It is our job to remember, to calculate and then to take risks based on our sound memories (judgements).
Businesses (run by entrepreneurs) will judge you for a long time on that. And that trust once gone, will take a generation to come back… a generation….

Death of a sales (wo)man is because of broken promises ….

As someone said  “there can be no successful nation without successful businesses”