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Stay small, think big in Nepal

When one wants to start a new venture (especially the youths in Nepal) , I recommend this :

a) Do what you like to do. (seriously!).
b) Stay small (as small as you can as much as possible.) Reasons, managing people and the environment around us specially in Nepal, is one of the hardest thing to do. It drains our creative energies and refocuses our energies to mundane tasks of administering, managing and whim of other’s emotions.
c) Instead, improve your own image (brand, value, worth) by carving out a niche and concentrating on becoming the best at that niche. i.e if you are the best at making “circular breads” and enjoy making it, stick to it and become the best at it. You will find enough loyal customers as you build your brand.
d) Stay small, think big . concentrate on how you or you and your small team can think big while staying small. You make a bigger impact this way. Don’t let that ego of you persuade you otherwise.

So if you are looking for a job, join a one person company, if not, join a small organization and enjoy the ups and downs

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