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Yes, you can own 100% company in Nepal if you are a foreigner.

Some interesting tidbits after talking to a realestate/company registration lawyer in kathmandu:

a) if a foreigner investing in industries like tourism, trade, industry and real estate, they get 100% ownership . You will also own 100% ownership of even real estate in Nepal as a company only. Previously there was much barriers to a foreigner owning land in Nepal.

b) Good Legal counseling and government fees (for company registration,etc ) costs an one time cost of 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars (estimated).

c) usually the whole process takes around 1 month.

d) You can get a BUSINESS VISA for the whole year, if you register as a company. This visa only costs 100 dollars a year. A good way for a businessperson to stay in Nepal without Visa hassles.

e) Nepali Bureaucracy is lethargic but with the right legal counsel and help, you should have a easier time registering your company and on your way to get ownership of whatever you are looking for. I saw examples of a few Americans doing the same to buy lands and open houses/resorts in nepal.

let me know if you have any questions .