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Technology, environment, common sense


A self reflection:

  • Technology
  • Common sense,
  • Lastly, Environment
I believe in these 3 systems to evolve myself. To trying to balance and enhance ourselves through the synergy of these:

I accept technology to be an efficient tool to enhance and to spread the knowledge. Using these, I continue to educate myself and to provoke others to change and follow their dreams.  Technology makes me efficient and hopefully wiser. It is not a fad or the latest tools or apps or gadgets or materials. It is pure knowledge, It is access. It brings us all closer to collaborate better.  It enables me to enhance my impact to my environment. I strive to take care of the environment (social, natural and economic). Depending on the environment (eco-system) we make, or mold, we suffer or smile.

To take care of the environment, I believe, you have to be the change you want to see around. And everyday is a grind. By sharpening my common sense knowledge, I forge a way to move ahead in these difficult times. Sounds simple yet common sense is not common

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