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In the time of darkness…

In the time of darkness and gloom in Nepal, this entrepreneur is slowly turning to poetry as an escape.

“when the way the society is functioning defies common sense, when the way we live here in kathmandu baffles even us who live in it (you who live away, will be in awe at how things work here), I have found myself in loss to express myself in logical ways, in a common sensical way.”

Business and entrepreneurship mostly assumes  a fair degree of stability as a pre-requisite (or semi-stability at worst). Here I am at a loss to explain how business run and how entrepreneurs fare in a (potentially) imploding scenario.

The only thing that makes sense to me  amidst Kathmandu’s anarchy /chaos is raw poetry. Lately been doing that more and more. Maybe it is the only place i can escape to.



50 children infront of 50 turned off computer screens, writing their homeworks with a pencil.

I saw a very surreal sight yesterday while visiting “arguably’ the best school in Nepal. Budhanilkantha school.

50 (must be more) students on a vast computer lab, were in front of computer screens (which were off)  and everyone were working on their homework with a Pencil.  Found it surreal.

so basically there was no electricity…(for most of the days in kathmandu) so students sit in computer labs working on the basics with a reliable learning tool: the pencil.

sorry no photos.. thought it would be rude to take them.