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Nepali leaders are on Welfare

This is a guest post written by Prasanna Dhungel.

Nepali Leaders on welfare

I was talking to some friends and family and was drawing an analogy between Nepali politicians/donors and people on welfare.

People on welfare in the United States and other countries have an incentive NOT to work. They earn $ for doing nothing. So they become lazy and are in a vicious cycle of doing nothing and getting $ from the government for free.
If they work, they will earn $ and may lose welfare. Then, they are on their own. They have to work, earn every day and become independent. You may ask what is wrong with this. Well, fearand uncertainty of the unknown pulls many back. They don’t know whether they can keep a job.They will now have to work versus sitting idle at home and doing nothing. This fear, laziness and inertia keep them on welfare. Many would rather beg and continue to live on welfare thanwork. This is easy money.

The same is the case in Nepal now. We elected leaders to our parliament to draft a

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