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Business idea: A Public auction place in the heart of the Kathmandu.

I always thought there was a big potential for public auctions for anything..from cars, to couches to …………… in Kathmandu/

The foreign embassies in Kathmandu hold auctions that are hugely popular and people come in huge droves to buy and bid and (have fun).
i stayed on line for an hour and half to enter the one at American embassy. brutal !

I love the thrill of finding things of value that others don’t see, in public auctions (of new and used items). (maybe its in the genes).

Well if you can get a classic American couch (sofa) that probably cost a thousand dollar at less than two hundred .. the hell if i care if its used for years. (well…as long as they look good).

I think public auctions could be one small but important way to stimulate the flailing economy in kathmandu. (with all that money people have been keeping in banks and NOT using it, it could be a outlet for people to gather, socialize and spend). Also it is a way to bring out people in the spirit of spending (and not keeping and saving).