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noticing the street entrepreneurs

As I walk on the streets of Kathmandu during the evenings, I have been noticing quite a few street vendors working their magic out on the streets of Kathmandu, Some are selling Momo’s (nepali delicacy – form of dumpling) on a unique makeshift moving kitchen or re-selling world’s cheapest pants (under a dollar) in sacks,  boxes of Chanel labeled fake perfumes to dirt cheap radios on a make-shift shop on the wheels.

When droves of Nepalis are heading out of country (the grass is greener on the other side), these self-employed and street entrepreneurs seemingly are the ones who are risking it all, on these streets daily, hustling it out.

They may not be “entrepreneurs” in traditional defination, but what they are doing and risking stuff on the streets with frugal startup funds and raising families, battling  local thugs, police, the illegal taxers, chaotic traffic, nasty pollution and what nots.

And they may even be unknowingly changing the Kathmandu Valley into a vibrant evening city.

A salute to them!