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worldview: leader of a ‘tribe’.

I am wondering and asking,

if you are ever going to sell yourself extraordinarily successfully in the job market or any item in the market, which ever it is, Do this. Make sure you find a tribe (group of people) that listens to you and grow your tribe. Your tribe reflects your success.

Don’t go for everything or everybody. Don’t go for a mixture. Look for a type, a category. In essence look for a tribe of people (or build a tribe if the people aren’t there) and try to “lead” them , convince them to stay part of your ‘tribe’.

Its as easy as being a leader of a ‘tribe’.

All successful people are.

I believe that.

I am trying to make a ‘tribe’ of travel enthusiasts on Nepal in the site “www.exoticbuddha.com”

what should i do to make this tribe bigger ?