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Water is gold if you are looking for entrepreneurship in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, A city of 5 Million (unofficially)

we talk about electricity problem of 16 hours a day load shedding (that is being addressed urgently by the government). A larger problem is looming. “water or the lack of it” is the prime talk issue among-st house-holds in Kathmandu.

Tap water comes once every few days in most places in Kathmandu. With this ‘crisis’ is a gold opportunity.

Just find a way to solve this problem (or small part of it) by and you have a good “social entrepreneurship” opportunity of a life time.
Few ways i have heard so far.

“monsoon rain harvesting in individual homes for use in dry seasons”

“efficient affordable private water distribution systems to invidual homes”

” affordable and big water retention tanks for winter”

“clean technologies that recycle water used in homes”

“kitchen utilities that regulate less use of water with maximum efficiency – ie. new efficient utilities designs”

Up for the challenge?  you are in a gold field here! well i am thinking about it myself.

Share your wild ideas?