‘I am political’ means ?

‘I am political” is not about just joining or creating political parties.
Practicing politics is not about registering my group/affiliation with election bodies
Or registering an organization with the state and create an institution (although that helps )

Politics is about provoking in a way that changes the environment I want (Re-read this sentence its important)

I don’t believe Politics is inherently bad. Politicians (individuals and organizations) may be bad, political climate might be bad. Citizens might perceive it to be bad. Or citizens might themselves be apathetic and sedate.
But politics is inherently good. since it allows groups of people to influence change.

I believe I am highly political because I provoke people to change and act. I may not need a title (yet) to do this. 🙂

In summary, Anyone who provokes change (social, economic) is a political person. And this is good. Accept it!

So are you political ? (into politics… ? )

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