Am I Superman ? Answering a cynic.

There is overwhelming sense of Cynics and cynicism all around #Nepal and beyond. Just check out in social media these days.

I define Cynics as fault-finders, who assume each of us have to become Superhuman, right from our first try, and who should never try unless we are 100% of our success. Cynicism is perhaps one of the worst traits you can possibly carry in  yourself. All of us have cynicism within ourselves which if we don’t control takes over our entire identity.

  1. A cynic expects change makers to act like Superman / superwoman.
  2. A cynic acts as if the change makers are paid handsomely for their volunteer work.
  3. A cynic assumes change makers should work non-stop like a machine or else …
  4. A cynic demands punishment for any one who fails at making the change.
  5. A cynic points only at the faults, and usually belittles successes as ‘luck’
  6. A cynic usually never provides alternative to the solution that s/he is attacking.

Cynics seem to imply that an ordinary person who wants to give some of their energies at organizing or campaigning on social change events, has to generate the magical power to transform into super-humans, and can keep this stamina for-ever and solve problems for the rest of humanity right NOW.

In respect to movements to change society, cynics among us or within each of us, will criticize and find faults in anyone who won’t commit 24/7 to lead campaigns or movements or social changes. They are also harsh on any who try and fail.

They fail to realize that change only comes after patiently running a relay marathon, not after a quick hundred meter sprint. A marathon is such that we rest a lot, we pace a lot and we fail a lot and where we pass the baton a lot. But when we become cynics, we start to believe that we have to punch a one-stop mad-dash like magical solutions. It is best we control our own cynicism trying to burst through our mouth at every instant.

Here are some ways to deal with cynics within and outside.

  • Focus on people’s action, not on people. Stop that urgent urge to slight who have failed and if you have to, do concentrate rather on their flawed actions, not on their personalities.
  • Focus on celebrating small successes. Enjoy the way more than the destination (which usually takes long to show up).
  • Just move on. Lets not become a cry-baby when some-one gets tired in their efforts and takes a rest. Thank them. Remember we are all humans, we get passionate,and eventually get tired too. Pursuing change is a lot of up and down roller-coasting.
  • Failure is okay. Cherish it. Poking at change-makers for their failures will not win you anything. You will just disgrace yourself, your friends, and your purpose here.
  • Make an effort to thank anyone’s efforts even if it failed miserably in creating the change. Most of our efforts fail to reach the end-line but helps us and others learn to take one more step closer towards success.
  • Hope but don’t expect.
  • It is never anyone else’s fault for the situation you are in.
  • Positivity warms us up. Negativity drains us. Remind yourself every morning.

Evil triumphs because we let our cynicism dictate our actions.

I am not Superman. Nor are you. We are all simply an ordinary men and women who want to live in a world of peace and tranquility.

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