Buddha was born in Nepal. So what?

Buddha was born in Nepal. So what?

Yes, Buddha was born in Lumbini, around 2600 years ago, which is now in Nepal. I am very proud of that he was born here!
But the real question we Nepali should be asking each-other now is:

Would Buddha want to be re-born in Nepal of today?

  1.  Would he approve of our pin-drop silence against injustice and impunity in Nepal?
  2. Would he salute the long lines of young men and women in a hurry to leave their motherland, that our elders turned into a place of dead-ends and despair?
  3. Would he embrace his fellow Nepalis who try to divide themselves along our castes, religions and material wealth?
  4. Would he keep smiling while some of his countrymen kill our own kin in the name of change?
  5. Would he sit idly while we butcher animals in a ritual sacrifice to appease gods or sell girls to prostitution?
  6. Would he help us when we prefer to sit silent like sheep while our rulers rape any dignity that is left in us?
  7. Would he want to teach us who have corrupted ourselves, defiled his legacy and strayed to extreme paths for mere material gains?
  8. Would he want to born where in the thousands of years we have lost our courage, our humility, our empathy and our integrity?

So before we get over-sentimental about Buddha’s birthplace, why don’t we first take some time off to learn what he actually taught. Bring to heart, what he really fought for 2600 years ago? Study and believe in his middle way first !

I am going to cherish the day when we Nepalis can declare instead:

“Yes Buddha would love to reborn right here in Nepal today!”


Enough of us Nepalis talking about his birthplace without taking his teachings into heart. It is time for you and me, to stop being simply a talker or advisor, but to be a ‘doer’, one that will make Buddha proud that he wants to be reborn here again. Are you up for this challenge?

 As for me, I am on a quest to make Buddha proud that he was born in Nepal.
Join me.

and do watch this to understand “Buddha” more..

7 thoughts on “Buddha was born in Nepal. So what?

  1. Wisely and bravely spoken…..Thanks for the kind heart and he sharp mind to help the snoring people to WAKE UP!

  2. We Nepalese take pride in talking about buddha .A sudden rush of nationalism gets spilled in facebook youtube and other social media criticizing the Indians for their claims. First of all buddha was born in kapilbastu which happens to be a part of Nepal in present day. Secondly its very important to realize that we are trying to create national boundaries and walls in a person’s case who taught how insignificant those divisons were… another important question concern nationalism is that why do we associate our country so much with Gautam buddha a person who lived 2600years ago ..its saddening to see that we dont have anything from those two and a half Millenium of history that can introduce Nepal in a international level.

  3. I think that Buddha is proud to be born in Nepal 2600 or 2557 years ago because in Nepal, today, there are again people good and positive like he was 2600 years ago. Buddha follow one new way because also during his time there was darkness and someone must follow the right method.
    Yes, today nepali are very proud to have this land-brother but in same time they must be also proud to remember his message.

  4. बैशाख पुर्णिमा !!!!!

  5. Buddha was born in Lumbini, BS 2557 years ago.

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