Why doesn’t anyone open a political party in Nepal?

Why doesn’t some good person (or group) open a political party in Nepal?

Because people like us who call ourselves good Nepalis won’t help them.

But, why don’t good people like us, help them ?

1) Because of our ego. We think the ones who open a good political party have to open it our way, do it our way, and deliver results only our way otherwise they are not worthy of our help. Ego-Ego-Ego.
“मेरै तरिकाबाट मात्र ठिक”

2) Because of our thirst for taking credit for anything, everything. Me-Me-Me first; that is our problem. We want a guarantee of recognition for helping this new political party when it forms.  And if we don’t get the credit, we feel insulted and betrayed.  So we drop out fast badmouthing the new organization.
“मलाई धन्यवाद पनि दिएन, यो त खत्तम रहेछ”

3) Because we believe in magic. We want some one to come in Nepal and wave a magic wand and fix things for us. In other words we are selfishly lazy-lazy-lazy.
“कोहि आईदिओस, देश बनाईदिओस्”

4) Because we are negative. We doubt. Every day good things start, but we don’t notice them. Similarly even if some one wants to start a good political platform, we are quick to tell them 10 ways why it won’t succeed. 10 ways how it will be scary. 10 ways how it is all a waste of their time, hence waste of your time. Cynics-Cynics-Cynics.
“ह्या यो त हुन्न, कहाँ सकिन्छ यत्रो – सबै डामाडोल छ…. “

5) Because we betray them. We give cheap assurance to anyone who is starting up anything good. We don’t know how to say No. Because of our cheap assurance, many good people feel betrayed after they start something, as they realize we have lied to them, and broken our cheaply given promises. And they turn into cynics, frustrated with citizens like us, and start their slow corrupting journey into becoming a corrupt individual he had sought to vanquish.
“भै हाल्छ नि, म गरि हाल्छु नि, चिन्तै नमाने भो”

Ok. I get it! So now how do I change this ?

  1. First please stop believing that your way is the only way to success. Go, help a politician who believes in herself even if her way might sound alien to yours. But don’t look at whatever philosophy s/he preaches. Rather study her actions and if she has followed on her intentions. (Track-record)
    उसको दर्शन भन्दा नि उसले के गर्यो , के गरि राछ, कसरी गरि राछ? त्यसमा बढि ध्यान दिनु।
  2. Stop being stingy with your time and resources. Without expecting anything back help that young leader who looks to transform his tole, village, town, And do give time or resources to anyone who tries. (which usually means youths) before judging them! कि त समय दिनु नत्र चुप लागेर बस्नु ।
  3. Magic happens as a result of decades of hard work, credibility and collection of efforts. Do memorize this definition of “Magic” by heart. पेले त्यत्तिकै पेले भा होईन
  4. Don’t help those who seem guaranteed for success.They won’t need your help anyway and will most likely only squander your help. पेट टन्न भाको लाई खुवाएर के काम?
  5. Help high risk-takers who are just starting up,and who you think will likely fail. We are very lousy at predicting the future. So don’t bother wondering about how your decisions now affect your credibility in the future. नपत्याउने खोलाले नै बगाउछँ नेपालमा 🙂
  6. You don’t have to be a card-carrying member to help politicians or political parties. मन जागे जसरी पनि मद्दत गर्न सकिन्छ।
  7. Help with small actions, not big words. Think of your help as putting one sturdy brick on top of many other bricks (that others helped build) to finally make a strong house. नेपालमा अब बोल्ने, लेख्ने अनि पढ्नेहरु धेरै भए, अब गर्नेहरु चाहियो।
  8. Don’t think big. Think small and specific. ठुलो ठुलो कुरो होईन खुरुखुरु ईट्टा थप्दै जाने हो घर बनाउन।
  9. No one can become Rambo from day 1. A small sapling needs a lot of water. Nurture these probable Rambo-s when they are starting up.
  10. And lastly, even Rambo needs bullets… lots of bullets (metaphorically speaking). Will you supply them?


7 thoughts on “Why doesn’t anyone open a political party in Nepal?

  1. Intent should be based on actions he takes. Not on what he says from his mouth. I see your point. Maybe I can be clearer if I had put “what he does, not what he says” .

  2. agree with all the points except for “dont look at ideology, but intentions”- well how do you find and judge intentions? Let’s take the example of BRB: his intention might very well be to make this country developed. But let’s look at his ideology: he seriously believes he can make this country developed by using ideologies and policies that have only destroyed nations. now, can intention be the only yardstick to judge someone?

    a leader should be very clear about his ideology and also express it with his actions. and both of them should be in sync with modern political values that direct a country. that’s who can be trusted.

  3. Because bright, honest and hardworking people probably believe they can make a bigger impact outside of government than inside of it.

  4. good one Chirayu. Agree with you. Yet leaders are not born strong or super human. They need to be nurtured to become strong leaders. hence my case-study.

  5. This article talks on how the environment/people are adverse/uncooperative when someone wants to open a party. And suggests the people on how they can make/encourage youths to go on(Open party). But the title is why doesn’t one open a party. Maybe it is a social standard, a kind of test to filter the leaders- this reluctance in the part of public- if they give up so easy, if they resign to little obstacles, they are not worthy enough. Maybe the natural selection is for the most patient, who can pursue admist all. Those who set out to open a party should have not only great ideas but a great determination, and energy, because its a job of self sacrifice. People will never give you due credit. They might even ridicule you. Its not for personal gains, fame or petty things like that. If we can have a man who understands that, then she can be my leader!

  6. Woah! Whats up with Comic Sans on this page #DeathtoComicSans

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