Tomorrow I am not giving up on Nepal

What is going to happen in Nepal, tomorrow? or in 3 months ?

I will still wake up, around the same time, and smell the same cool, calm, fresh air in the morning, like I did today morning. Tomorrow, I will still be hungry to grab my food, and focus on what my family is going through and how to bring smiles in their faces. I will still obsess about how to make their lives better. AND I will still be angry and distracted after reading the morning news, wondering how the heck do I protect my future in the poorly managed Nepal.

As I head out the door, I will stay confused trying to figure out how to become a solution, instead of being part of a problem. How do I, a single Nepali in this vast sea of discontent, transform this gloomy, negative skies I walk around, into a positive sunshine? How do I walk high with dignity despite all these burning rage I feel?

Tomorrow, like today, I continue to spend my day, taking care of my family, making my family proud. I continue to make sure, that I live in peace and in safety here. I will continue to believe in and protect my freedom to do what I want in my country, without hurting any other person. No matter the cost, I will continue to protect this birth-right. When others see no progress, or slow progress, I will simply tell them, “I am a long distance marathon runner, not a hundred meter sprinter.”

And as the day moves ahead, I will keep looking around for Nepali with common sense to work with, to make this a place I want to live in. Any one who believes that, “This is my country, therefore my responsibility”. I will continue to feed my inner conscience with positive deeds that inspires others, when ever I get a small opportunity Come tomorrow, I continue searching others who wants to bear this collective responsibility to unite Nepalis and make us all prosperous.

And when I will come back home tired, I will have traveled a bit further, a bit stronger, bit wiser perhaps. Just before I sleep, I will again repeat at myself in front of the mirror, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul, and I am here to make a difference.

And when I go to sleep with my family safely around me, I will still dream, and dream big; “Tomorrow, I ain’t giving up on Nepal. Tomorrow, I start again; stronger!


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