Unity within diversity: Our Nepal

हाम्रो नेपाल -विविधततामा एकता यस्तै छ: सबै आफुमा मिठो छौँ तर मिले झनै मिठो !
तर नमिले चाहिँ तो खाली कप जस्तो है कि कसो? 🙂

सत्य यहि हो यो देश र देशवाशीको ।

Our Nepal – Unity within diversity : Yes we are all delicious alone: but much more delicious together 🙂 Yet if we fight, we are like that empty cup isolated out there  (towards the top of the picture) !

2 thoughts on “Unity within diversity: Our Nepal

  1. Nice. but what about that ‘neglected’ empty cup of tea that is outside (top-left cornor) the ‘plate’ and is not part of the ‘dish’ and nobody notes/cares it !

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