Let’s just call things what they are

Lets call things what they are (Lets stop being naive or politically correct).

  1. Don’t call our politicians ‘leaders’. They are our ‘rulers’.
  2. Nepal  is not a ‘democracy’. It is a ‘syndicate of autocracy’
  3. We are not ‘brave Gorkhali’. We are ‘coward Nepali’
  4. Don’t say that political parties are our ‘servants’. They are our “masters”.
  5. Don’t say” trafficked Nepali girls”. Say, ‘ Sold Nepali slave girls’.
  6. Don’t call ‘Nepal Bandh’ organizers ‘protesters’. They are ‘our Freedom Rapists’.
  7. Our politicians are no longer ‘elected’. They are ‘illegitimate’ and “incompetent”. Address them likewise.
  8. Don’t introduce Nepal as ‘small’. We are the 40th biggest country in the world, population wise.
  9. Don’t say, “Nepal Khattam cha” नेपाल खत्तम छ !. Say “hami le khattam paryau desh lai” हामीले खत्तम पार्यौँ देशलाई

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