12 Things I dare you to do before you finish college

Dear students, I dare you to do these 12 things before you graduate. नेपालीमा पढनुहोस्

  1. Intern: go work for free for someone at-least 1 month every year. Practical experience is what you sorely lack in school/college. Interning is how you ready yourself for the world.
  2. Perform: actively in school/college (in theatre, arts, singing, dancing or even raising funds for a charity). Expand your horizons, build your self-confidence sooner than later.
  3. Learn: how “finance” work (specially the power of compound interest and exponential function). Wealth ensures you more freedom to pursue what you want in life. Learn its basics.
  4. Give: 10% of what you are given back to charity. Make this a rule. True compassion lies in sharing what you have to strangers who may never know about your generosity.
  5. Travel: to a remote village in the mountains, hills & Terai (plains) and stay at least two week in each region. To know your country and your environment is to truly know yourself.
  6. Mentor: one junior a year. To show a path for one is to build a giant path for humanity.
  7. Use: right to information (RTI) law to find how your ward officials are solving problems in your tole. To hold your local government accountable is to become yourself responsible.
  8. Build: a club that solves a collective headache you all face in school or college. Together we build courage to face the fears we dare not face alone.
  9. Fail: enough times to fill a resume / cv with failures only. Behind every success is a series of failures.
  10. Play: in a team sports (or manage them). If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. and success in life is all about going together.
  11. Start: a blog (diary) about your experiences and passions. Remember, constant polishing of your thoughts reveal your purpose in life.
  12. Show Grit: Use grit (persistence) to never take ‘No’ for an answer. The secret to success (at least in Nepal) is not in being the first, but in outlasting everyone else.

Do these and I believe you will become an inspiration for not just your family but much beyond! Trust me!


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