Ujwal Thapa’s resume (of failures)

If you want to become an entrepreneur (or a leader in your field), be ready to fail and fail often. I do hope you can take a lesson from my experiences below. I cherish the failures I have gone through. These failures have certainly made me wiser in life. I truly believe that:

“Failures connect the dots towards success.”

Here is my  résumé /cv of some of my failures  🙂

Now, here is my ‘successful’ Resume. You can compare and contrast 🙂ujwal thapa resume of success

15 thoughts on “Ujwal Thapa’s resume (of failures)

  1. I started from home. And I started by designing Websites. I had started with a computer I had brought back from USA.

    I feel family is the best support you have. With a good plan and if they see your dedication too, they will help you try on a small scale.

    So start small and perhaps find a business where you don’t need a lot of capital to start with.

  2. Bro u said u said u started from 0 level
    that means u started with 0 finance( economic point of view)

    Its very hard when you have no one to finance and you wanted to start a project. With the lack of money, neither banks nor relatives and families will understand the project. Its very hard when no one supports and even understands the way we want to do.

    any suggestions here bro?

  3. Thank you so much for ur inspirational words!!
    I will dare to try to bro!!

  4. Sudin,
    We are usually lost . I was definitely lost at your age. You will figure out a way.. Only you can. And you will. Let time also heal the process…
    Do what you want and you will always get excited and enthused. Let your originality out however confused it might be right now …
    Have faith. We all go through a phase . Some of us are still going through it 🙂

    Out of chaos and confusion comes the order and serene … It’s a natural cycle 🙂

    Follow your heart and dare to try.. you are already on your way to becoming an entrepreneur 🙂

  5. your read, definitely is a push for me, I do have some plans back in my parents hometown.. and not to forget I’ve been a failure for so long now! That i can totally relate too this article.. but again im now in a stage where i’m losing out on my financial backing and i cannot experiment anymore.. so a failure again will lead me to a breakdown.. which hasn’t happened till date.. i just see it as “something better is in store” that keeps me going. I definitely think failures are far far FAR more intelligent than the successful ones.. also failures make an excellent counselors/advisers et al.. anyways that’ s my take on it.. wishing you luck Ujwalji. nice talking to you 🙂

  6. computer game ko teti saro crazy tapai bro

    ma ni vice city , delta force, roadrash, fifa, etc khelera din janthyo and finally i got power in my eyes

    ajhae ni khelchhu tara power badla ki bhanne daar lagchha…so teti kehldina aajakl BUT

    ajkal facebook and social networking sites harule computer ma adkako adkai garchha

    padhum bhanyo din ma 6-8 ghnta yetae faltu…totally useless ma bitchha

    bro just a qn, how to control heart and mind bro?ani life full of excitement and enhusiasm? birakta jindagi 20-21 barsamai…how will i be entreprenuer in sush pathetic condition?

  7. Neisha, i started from pretty much zero. Then invested what I earned into other businesses. You see a chance and you grab it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    I didn’t mention my successes so it looks like I have failed only but that is not true. I have also succeeded.
    Also the knowledge gained is so much more than the earnings lost.
    Entrepreneurship always gives you more and more skills to survive (and hopefully excel)

    Entrepreneurship makes you bold, persistent, and accept failure as the way to succeeding…

  8. I totally agree, you say .. you failed on and on.. but highlight on your success, and that’s when it becomes inspiring, no? what gives you the strength to fail.. i’m sure youj

    have some solid backing with finance..otherwise how are you taking such bold experimental steps and still call it a way of living!? Just wondering..!?s

  9. Innovative reflection about “Failure”…..Thanks …a bold step ..to inspire

  10. thats a life………..lots of up and down there……….so m i

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