Lets make a ‘virtuous cycle’ in Nepal

“The key to tackling negative is to align enough positives in the same direction that the negative stops being relevant” – Unknown

Now if you exercise this simple solution you will build a virtuous network of good people who will help each other thus creating a virtuous cycle of hope, positivity, prosperity in Nepal.
Today, many good Nepalis are stingy when it comes to recommending other good actions wholeheartedly. Our reasons may be many: suspicion of one’s intent, “I will look bad if that person doesn’t do good”, difficulty in getting out of our comfort zone or even jealousy, etc etc.
Yet what we need today is to just put ‘FAITH’ on other people’s positive actions above everything else.

Let us trust that it is our duty to create a critical mass of good actions in Nepal. Let us have faith in creating the “the virtuous cycle” that will destroy the chains of vicious cycle in Nepal. Let us build and support platforms for Nepalis who are involved in good action, which will one day grow into a critical mass of good people with good actions. This will create a runaway positive engine of prosperity in Nepal.

In summary, Nepal needs more platforms where good actions are noticed and supported by good citizens that starts a “virtuous cycle” here.

Here are simple examples you could start:

  • If someone wants to ban plastics in the neighborhood, connect him / her with elders in the society who are an influence in the society. Don’t shy away. Help her build a platform where she can learn from / teach others.
  • If someone wants to improve traffic, connect them to traffic police who are helpful and willing to accept volunteers or with someone who can give tools to help improve traffic.
  • If someone has an business venture idea, connect her to mentors and incubators or give them small fund to research their idea further.
  • At the very least, don’t dismiss any ‘crazy’ seeming ideas. Please.

To help you start, here are some active platforms I am part of or follow closely, which helps positive people to persistently push or pull other positive Nepalis up.

Entrepreneurs for Nepal
Teach For Nepal
Youth for Blood
Gari Khana deu
BibekSheel Nepali Party

Do you know others that are pulling, pushing other good people/actions up? Please share with me! I would love to be part of the “virtuous cycle” in Nepal.

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