Can you become an “Insurgent Politician?” by Ravi Kumar

This is a guest post by Ravi Kumar. Can you become an “Insurgent Politician?”

Would you suggest a child, a youth or a budding professional to become a politician when we can’t seem to elect the next prime minister for the umpteenth time? Have you asked your daughter/son or a relative to serve the nation? Most likely, we never suggest anyone to become a politician or become a public servant. Our society doesn’t have a culture of training a politician. It is considered a “dirty game”. We believe that you can only become a politician if you are evil. Well, since evil people do no good for the society, you do know that,

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

We the good citizens of our poor nation, should consider serving our nation. The reality of Nepal leaves us with no other choice. As most of the citizens grow desperate, the current political leaders fails for the eighteenth time to elect the prime minister. And yet, these prodigal politicians sing the song of “consensus” and are doing their best to live a luxurious life of welfare from our money.

The chief concern of politician is to remain in power. Our politicians are adept at this. However, we can change this by developing a new batch of committed, capable and courageous politicians. We want insurgent politicians who can rise against the tide and rescue the nation from the sea of troubles. In order to do so we must instill in our minds that power of politics should not be ignored—that the health of a nation and the health of the political discourse of a nation are directly related. We must not only vote but also aspire to hold public office because it is in our best interest.

Yes, it is hard to make a rapid shift in our mentality when we have to worry about when the water is going to come the next day. Yes, we are in the gutters. Read this famous quote,

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”.

Be the ones who look at the stars, who strive for success. I am fully convinced that once we Nepalis, take the responsibility of building our Nepal, then this land will be a land of law and a land of prosperity. Nepal’s well being impacts everyone. It does not matter whether you own a business or work for the business, whether you are a Brahmin or a Badi. As Nepalis, we are now, all in the same sinking boat. Therefore, it is in our selfish interest to develop ourselves or someone we know into a leader who can lead us to a better future for Nepalis.

If you are wondering what characteristics one should develop to become a leader, this brilliant comment in an op-ed column in Kathmandu Post of 20th July 2010, gives us a good place to start: ” Who is the person among Nepal’s political leaders who commands most trust for integrity and visionary thinking most, respect from a wide section of the public for depth and breadth of intellect, moral courage to chart a new visionary path rather than mouth doctrinaire cliches such as revolution, rebellion, liberal democracy, freedom etc.?”

My answer would be: one doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the established ignoble political leaders. They can be small group of persistent passionate youths who would rally Nepal. This is the moment to establish the youth leadership in the nation and be part of the politics. Our goal should consist of initiating a grassroots movement in Nepal focused on raising political awareness and building a foundation that fosters an alternative accountable political leadership. Are there Nepali youths who can become insurgent political leaders, who are not only charismatic but also have the capacity to lead collectively? I am acutely aware of the belief that we youths do not want to get involved in politics because according to conventional wisdom politics is messy, un-predictable sink-hole. Yes, I agree. But the sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world.

And our duty is to do just that. Nepal is like a soft mud and if it gets in a hand of wise potter, then it can be shaped into something beautiful. If we don’t, Lets prepare to say bye bye to our Nepal. Here are a few options to make those initial steps:

You can start by joining Bikalpa Foundation (one of its goal is to inspire youths to be tomorrows leaders) or join Grassroot Movement in Nepal (GMIN) that supports and initiates grassroots projects to make Nepal stable and sustainable. Or, please make your own small group and empower each other to be an accountable leader.

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  2. Very well written. How do we spread this article or can we translate it in Nepali and distribute to youths?

  3. Inspiring!! Will you become a politician? You need to for sake of our motherland.

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