Backward March of the 601: From Constituent Assembly Hall to Singhadurbar. Come and be a part of this movement!

Update: Thank you all for coming at such short notice ! It was fun, and great to know each other while on a similar cause. I hope to find more of you on similar events ! Keep posted ! Here are the widespread media coverage of the event. Thanks. And here are some of the personal photos taken.

I am one of the organizers of this “youth pressure campaign Nepal to force our politicians to make the damn constitution (instead they are busy fighting for ministerial power) . Would love for you to attend this (sorry for this short notice.. been busy)
Help publicize this effort, if you like what we are doing. Facebook, Twitter, social media, emails, anything helps.
Here’s the Press release below if you want to cut and paste. (and the downloadable document of the press release in this link here.)

Backward March of the 601: From Constituent Assembly Hall (where they should be making the constitution) to Singhadurbar (where they are fighting for power)

The process of institutionalizing the achievement of Nepalis achieved through relentless struggle and sacrifice has now been stalled at a crossroads. The political parties have failed to abide by the guidelines of the historic mass movement of 2006 in concluding the peace process and drafting the new constitution. They could not deliver the draft of the constitution by the initial deadline: May 28, 2010. And now, six months into the extended deadline, the process has not been able to garner any speed. So far, the political parties have focused their resources on obtaining cabinet seats only, because of which, people are beginning to worry that their dreams of permanent peace, democracy and prosperous Nepal are going to end in a ceaseless conflict.

If the peace process and the new constitution are not realized, an abysmal darkness awaits the future of Nepal and Nepalis. Therefore, it is crucial to draft the new constitution of the federal republic on time in accordance with the 12-point agreement, Comprehensive Peace Accord, the interim constitution, other different agreements between the political parties, and international laws and conventions on democracy and human rights. However, given the political differences, political selfishness and individual ambitions, the chances of having the new constitution drafted on time are minimal.

For this reason, it is important for the civil society to remind the Constituent Assembly members of its duties. They speak of peace, agreement and constitution but their actions do not. In the legislative hall the other day, they were involved in manhandling each other. In order to protest these shenanigans, on the occasion of entering the second half of the extended deadline, Youth Pressure Campaign is organizing a 601-participant backward march from Constituent Assembly Hall to Singhadurbar (so a symbolic protest walk from the place where they are supposed to make the constitution to the place where they are fighting for power in the government’s prime minister’s office). We appeal to all for your active participation and support.

Program: Backward March of the 601
Date: 30 Nov 2010, 1 pm, Tuesday.
Venue: From the western gate of the CA hall to Singhadurbar

Thank you!

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Youth Pressure Campaign

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What is Youth Pressure Campaign?

Youth Pressure Campaign is an independent, informal, non-violent campaign of youths and their associated organizations to pressurize the CA members in drafting the constitution on time. This campaign a self-run campaign. Any individuals, institutions, organizations and professional communities interested in the campaign and willing to follow its code of conduct are welcome to join us.

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